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Rose Garden

Award-winning Palace Rose Garden

Leaving Prabhupada’s Palace, you are drawn by aromatic breezes to our award-winning Palace Rose Gardens. You want to “take time to smell the roses,” but with over 3,000 bushes and 150 varieties of roses, each with a unique fragrance, you don’t know where to start! These pleasure gardens are graced with over one hundred water fountains which sparkle in the sunlight, playfully animating and refreshing the atmosphere. No wonder this garden, a vivid bouquet of color set against a backdrop of green hills, is one of the top 100 rose gardens in the U.S.A. 


But time your visit carefully. The Palace Rose Garden has three different blooms, starting in early June to mid-July, followed by a second bloom late July to early August, and the third bloom in late September.

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