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Other Attractions


New Vrindaban

Just a short walk or drive down the street is the center of our community here in New Vrindaban, Land of Krishna. Where you will find a variety of activities happening throughout the year. Please visit for a complete details.

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Gift Shops

Visit our gift shops for exotic souvenirs and gifts imported from India. We carry a wide variety of traditional Indian clothes, incense, curios, sacred objects, and classical books of wisdom. Gift shops are located in the temple foyer and to the left of the entrance to Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold.


Govinda's Restaurant

Govinda’s Restaurant is the leading vegetarian restaurant in the Ohio Valley, opening for dinner with a variety of pure vegetarian/vegan food.


Cow Sanctuary

Established in 1969, the New Vrindaban Goshala is America’s oldest cow sanctuary. It is essentially a working dairy but with a special difference. Not only do we care for our milking cows, but we also look after the older cows that no longer produce milk. 


The Peacock Walk

New Vrindaban is a place of astounding natural beauty with hundreds of acres of wooded hills. Our Peacock Walk takes you around the big pond near the temple which is a sanctuary for roving peacocks, swans, and a special breed of ducks.

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