There are a number of festivals that take place year around at the New Vrindaban community, situated next to the Palace of Gold. Plan your visit to coincide with one of these events and experience the pageantry of our colorful spiritual festivals. All are open to the public.

Festival of Colors

The Festival of Colors is quickly becoming our most popular festival. Known traditionally for thousands of years in India as “Holi", it is a celebration of spring and friendship, observed by the throwing of bright colored powders on other participants. Accompanied by Kirtan (call and response sacred singing) participants get covered head to toe in a technicolor coating. It is a family friendly gathering, re-enacting a pleasure pastime of Lord Krishna Himself with His devotees over five-thousand years ago. Increasing numbers of people are celebrating this color festival and similar festivals are increasingly being observed all over the world!

Thousands of people (College students especially), come from all over the tri-state area (Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia) for this special festival. So don’t miss this opportunity to come and celebrate the annual Color festival with us. We look forward to seeing you at to the Festival of Colors this year.

Festival of Inspiration

Filled with inspiring lectures, seminars, workshops, entertainment, and dramas, the Festival of Inspiration has become the most spiritually inspirational and motivational event of the year. A uniquely wonderful opportunity to share chanting of the holy names in the association of vibrant and fascinating souls from all over the three worlds

Join in for three consecutive days of tumultuous world-class kirtans, bhajans, dancing and feasting in the Appalachian foothills during the delightful mid-spring season in West Virginia!

24 Hr. Kirtan

The New Vrindaban 24 Hour Kirtan Festival started in 2007. The idea is to chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra continuously for 24 hours, as is done in Vrindavan India 365 days a year. Featuring some of the world’s most respected Bhakti chanters, the festival is open to all.